Black Decker CM1936 Review

Black & Decker CM1936 Review – Should You Buy?

Black & Decker CM1936 electric lawn mower can cut through grass patches with extraordinary convenient and most of all, this happens without the mower guzzling gasoline.

It is a self-propelling lawn mower that runs on a 36V battery that can deliver enough power to take care of lawns less than one-third of an acre.

The battery can be recharged through any kind of household socket. You can get multiple speed limits to pick from, plus a latest and enhanced blade design equipped with a lightweight polymer deck which is as tough as a deck made of steel.

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This mower will use three discharge options- rear, mulch and bag discharge. In order to adjust height, the model features one single lever which controls each of the four wheels at the same time.

Being different from traditional mowers, it can even fold itself upright for easy storage in small spaces.

Black & Decker CM1936 Review

It is a great cordless and powerful electric lawn mower with sufficient power to cut your lawn nicely and also propel itself simultaneously.


  • Walk Behind Lawn Mower
  • Cordless, Self Propelled Electric Mower
  • Sufficient power to take care of up to one third of an acre of grass on every single charge
  • Push button starting for an instantaneous first time perfect start-up every time
  • 36V removable and rechargeable battery pack could be changed anywhere you are
  • Swath of cutting deck cutting 19 inches
  • Multi-discharging choices of mulching, rear discharging and bagging
  • 2-year long warranty
  • Convenient using

The Black & Decker lawn mower is delivered almost entirely assembled with just the handle which you need to attach by yourself. This little task takes less than 5 minutes.

You might be wondering:

The first time that you start the mower, we are sure you would be surprised aback by how lightweight the whole mower unit would be. In addition to being self-propelling, it is moves swift and light as a feather. It only takes about two seconds in order to reach up to its fixed speed so that you would not actually jerk up your entire body the moment it starts up and begins to work.

Some people might find this little annoying. But users have given feedback that no one would want to feel the blow of some no pushing mower if they are not ready to move up along with that.

The size of the deck is enough for all lawns that are less than 0.75 acre and you wouldn’t feel to need to pass and mow through anywhere for a second time. Just continue guiding the mower whichever direction you wish to mow through and it would do the rest of the job.

However, be cautious about the fact that it would not cover any inclines that are more than ten degrees.

  • Cutting Quality

As you would expect from the cordless mowers, the CM1936 by Black & Decker electricity powered lawn mower will do a great job while cutting all the way through average low down grass heights.

However, if there’s anything that’s more than one foot high, you would eventually be bogged out.

An additional pass will tend to make the cutting quality much better. On the whole the cut quality is satisfactory and doesn’t alter whether you mulch, bag or rear discharging.

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  • Motor Power

Black Decker CM1936 Mower

36V is more than enough to power up this 19 inches deck along with the self-propulsion system of this best lawn mower.

You would have to first push the mower model a few inches ahead in order to disengage all the gears and then move it by itself.

The batteries ought to serve you for more than a couple of years as most batteries go more than a span of three years. However, the replacement batteries become costlier over time as technology advances.

So it’s best to buy a second one and switch between them. Also, you should keep the battery completely charged always to extend the power output for months on.

  • Height Adjustment

To adjust the height on this is really easy but we do think the lower setting to be very much low.

It will skip past tall grasses on low setting, leaving you with poorly and unevenly cut grass, not to mention an incomplete patch. We suggest the second and third setting to be perfect for tall grass.

Also, in case you want to mulch, you should use a taller height setting. It will leave the lawn finely mulched.

  • Maintenance

The axle design, streamlined body and polymer deck all will guarantee longevity.

Generally, this mower would not need a replacement on its components for at least two years. If you happen to face any problem within this period, the warranty would be covering most of the replacing and repairs that you want.

  • Cost Effectiveness

This CM1936 electric mower model from Black & Decker is not the priciest cordless mower out there, but it would not be too cheap as well.

On the other hand, for this cost you get a self-propelling, greatly powerful and really easy-to-use lawn mower that is covered with a 2-year long warranty.

If you hate the need to replace oil and gas, detest the loud noise of a big self-propelling gas powered mower, you should switch to this model Black & Decker CM1936 electric lawn mower.

You could save a lot of money on fuel bills.

It has no corrosive element whatsoever. Rather, it comes with a sturdy design and a plastic polymer body, so you do not have to be concerned about extensive costs.

Any issues with maintenance would only take place after at least two years of nice and regular use. Hope that above Black & Decker CM1936 review helps you to find out key details regarding this mower.

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