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Fiskars Staysharp Max Review – 18 Inch Reel Mowers

Do you agree that Fiskars Staysharp Max – is the easy to maneuver and easy to use push mower?

Look …

This little mower is capable of taking care of any kind of grass variant and cutting through voluminous and thick grass expansion of all heights.

This best reel mower can cut closer to the ground than usual with an adjustable height range. This model is 30% more convenient to push, possessing outstanding cutting quality.

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Fiskars Staysharp Max Review


  • Kind – Walk Behind Lawn Mower
  • Category – Push Reel Lawn Mower
  • The cutting power has been doubled in this model.
  • About 30 percent of elevated competence with the Inertia Drive technology
  • Staysharp technology will remove all the needs to sharpen the blades on a regular basis.
  • Cutting deck of 18 inches width
  • The Inset wheel design lessens the uncovered area under its wheels and it would also throw the entire mowed and cut up weed onto the front.
  • It has the ability to cut through all kinds of grass variants
  • Three years of extended warranty on the model

Ease of Use –

Now, let’s talk about cutting quality…

What would be one of the key features to instantly grab your attention is its beautiful and unique handle design?

In place of a horizontal handle bar, the Staysharp Max by Fiskars sports a steady loop extended design by means of both horizontal and vertical sides that allow its user to move it forward and around as they would want.

With the help of vertical sides, better traction is possible even through the thicker grass patches. For the shorter grass patches, the horizontal handle will prove to be quite a lot easier to take care of.

You can use this mower right out of the box as it is.

This entire unit is delivered more or less pre-assembled along with its handle and some other components which need to be manually assembled.

This would be very easy to do with a wrench, because the unit comes with perfectly clear instructions on assembling. It would take a half an hour to finish assembling, give or take a few minutes.

Cutting Quality –

Fiskars Staysharp Max

This mower has a cut quality which is even and consistent.

As we have mentioned earlier, you should not set the cutting height for more than one third of the lawn’s normal height. That way, you would have a steady cut quality just as you want. If you go any higher, you are going to come across higher friction with the tougher grass patches. This would directly hamper the cut quality.

One effective way to lessen this friction would be to tinker about a bit with blade arrangements. It will take a little practice and getting used to.

However, with the tougher strains, these blades could be tweaked at will in order to cut through at a somewhat larger angle than normal, letting you reduce the friction, maintaining a steady height at that.

Once you master that part, the Fiskars Staysharp Max cutting adjustments and handle bar altitude would take just a little bit of time to adjust to your little lawn’s precise necessities.

Height Adjustment –

Different from other reel mower models, this 18 Inch Staysharp Max by Fiskars offers adequate height modification between one to four inches.

We’d like to warn you before you mow up, the push mower model works best while you maintain the cutting height well at exactly one third of your grass height. If you do set it any higher, you might have to struggle with the more sturdy grass strains because of its 18 inch wide cutting deck.

If we are talking about a perfectly cut patch of taller grass, it would usually take no additional passes more than a couple to achieve an evenly cut lawn height.

Maintenance –

Each component on this Fiskars reel lawn mower has been designed for lasting a long time and accordingly, this whole unit should be in your garden shed, workable for years.

At the most, you might just have to sharpen its blades from time to time.

However, from what the customers say, it is typically a once every year job.

Oiling up its joints, episodic cleaning and tightening up of the nuts and bolts would be the extent of maintenance the push mower model would demand.

Cost Effectiveness –

Powerful body structure, packed full with the latest technology which helps the mowing rather than holds back, this top lawn mower 2017 is designed to be simple and useful.

The price tag on this mower happens to stand and tick towards the lower part of the range compared to rivaling models and brands that sport less specifications at similar price.

We don’t believe it’s a good investment to do. In case you have a little or moderately sized lawn without much of hilly patches, then this here would be the perfect walk-behind lawn mower to buy.


A fairly priced, long lasting and technologically superior, this Fiskars 18 inches Staysharp Max Reel lawn mower model blends in science with effortlessness.

With a features list that includes great cutting height adjustment, unique horizontal and vertical handle layout with a 3 year long extended warranty, you could not possibly find anything better than this.

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