GreenWorks 25302 Review

GreenWorks 25302 Review – Best Cordless Lawn Mower

You could agree about GreenWorks 25302 lawn mower as the most popular for standard innovation?


They have introduced their newest G-MAX series lawn mower which operates on a 40v Lithium ionized batteries and utilizes dual blade that is designed for elevated competence and developed battery charge.

GreenWorks Twin Force 25302 Cordless Lawn Mower model is what we would recommend for you.

It gives a total of 60 minutes of running time along with a height adjustment level, plus a rear-discharge sack and the capability to mulch up whenever necessary grants the twenty-inch mower loads of features which are difficult to find out with many other competing electric lawn mowers.

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It gets better …

It is safe to say that this eco-friendly mower is an example of what GreenWorks has for you in future. It is the best one and absolutely worth money.

GreenWorks 25302 Review

  • Batteries and Charger

The dual 40V G-MAX Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries offer you around 60 minutes of run time.

It comes equipped with dual batteries and a charger.

A twenty-inch cutting deck along with two 10 inches blade system helps improve the cut efficiency and quality.

The smart cutting technology by GreenWorks helps you manage the running time and power, which depends on grass thickness. The mower can bag and mulch at the same time and there are 5 positions of height adjustment.

  • Easy to Use

Naturally all best lawn mowers 2017 are really easy to use.

Except for some ergonomic issues, these do not undergo complicated starting procedures or maintenance prerequisites.

The GreenWorks 25302 mower is a model which is really easy to use.

Just punch in one or both the batteries in their place, ensure that its safety plug has been connected and then press its button while you tug on its handle to initiate the motor. It truly is that much simple.

However, what is noticeable is when a thick patch of grass in some deep section comes up, the motor notches up once. Without this innovative addition, those sections will need much more than a single one pass.

The handles are delivered separately and you need about five minutes to put together. During that, it becomes apparent how to show the mower away as they totally fold on over one another while not working.

And about the wheels, there are small front wheels and large backs, with a trivial tilt on the front end. It helps move the mower more efficiently. A useful advice for you would be that you want to mow around the afternoon while the grass stays driest, then the result would be a lot better.

  • Cutting Quality

This mower could take loads more than collect grass clips in its rear discharging bag, plus it has much more to achieve.

Before moving on to its negative sides, the GreenWorks 25302 electric mower knows how to mulch. Almost all the electric cordless and corded versions are able to mulch. The cutting quality suffers due to the twin blade system which leaves a limited space between dual blades where the grass clips would remain intact.

The single way to beat this is just to overlap the stripes when you mow and watch out for that uneven blade of grass that sticks out.

  • Height Adjustment

A total of 5 positions from 1 1/4 inches to 3 1/8 inches should be sufficient for most people.

Fortunately, to mow lawns which have grown wild to a height beyond six inches with this best lawn mower is not difficult at all.

Just start with its maximum height setting and then for the second pass lessen to the better height. The total mechanism of picking the height is also really with one lever managing all wheels at once.

  • My Rating Score

The rating of this mower would be 7.8 out of 10, then Editor have given 8 to ease of use, 7 to cut quality, 7 to height adjustment, 9 to motor power, 8 to maintenance and 8 cost effectiveness.

  • Motor Power

GreenWorks 25302 Lawn Mower

This cordless lawn mower is truly powerful and we don’t believe there is another like it.

This could easily be listed as the finest electric mower on power alone.

A 2AH battery and another 4AH combined ensure the constant power flow to the motor which pumps up much more speed where it is necessary.

Together, these two batteries will last at least 60 minutes with the intelligent predictions of speed and individually, this charge for one hour and two hours respectively, which means you get ready to go in just hours.

  • Maintenance

Just the inexpensive rubber grips on its handles make it a bit problematic.

Otherwise it would have had full marks from us. It is quite baffling when great companies go through a lot of good piece of machines just to cut corners by using cheap components without any reason whatsoever.

Similarly, the rubber on bottom rear guard isn’t up to the mark, which tends to deform itself at times and get underneath the lawn mower.

It could be dangerous in case you’re not sufficiently alert as it will leave your feet bare to its rear side while mulching.

  • Cost Effectiveness

This lawn mower model is quite expensive and also has some disadvantages too, but the idea and general experience is absolutely splendid.

If you could live with some trouble, then this model of lawn mower would last a long time, and it is really powerful and easy to use too.

Finally …

We would say that it is very good. It isn’t all the time that we come across a mower which challenges the conventional designs or concepts of mowing.

This GreenWorks 25302 cordless mower introduces novel ideas which are certain to catch on in the market.

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