Lawn Boy 17734 Review – Best Gas Mower Ever?

Don’t you agree …

When you purchase a Lawn Boy mower, you buy one a long term piece of commitment on your part?

Lawn Boy will take care of your lawn and it also include a guarantee of starting up within two pulls.

The Lawn Boy 17734 model of Walk behind Lawn Mower is a CARB Compliant edition and therefore will retain most of these of the features present on the other.

The best part of this mower is …

A stainless steel 21 inches cutting deck, exceptional blade design in order to decrease grass clumping, a really powerful Kohler engine and easily adjustable height augmentations – all these are only some of the great and stalwart features of this 17734 Lawn Boy lawn mower model.

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Lawn Boy 17734 Review

Here are the specifications and features of the Lawn Boy 17734 –

  • Kind – Walk Behind Lawn Mower
  • Class – Gas Lawn Mower
  • Bigger wheels help to navigate over uneven land
  • Height of cutting deck could be between 3.75 to 1.25 inches
  • 3 years worth of Tru-Start Commitment ensure that the engine starts within one or two pulls
  • Triple discharging mechanism with a side discharge option
  • A Kohler 144cc 6.5 OHV powered engine
  • 2 years worth of total warranty on every component

Now, we look at an in detail Lawn Boy 17734 review.

  • Easy to use

As soon as you take this 17734 mower model out of the box, you would be greeted with one modern wonder of engineering.

The model is compact and it still allows consumers with a height of six feet tall feeling free to utilize this mower without stooping or bending forward. You can add the convenient height changing mechanism and quick starting feature to that earlier mentioned thing, and you have a top-of-its-line reasonably priced best gas lawn mower.

The model also comes equipped with one bottle of oil from Lawn Boy, though any kind of synthetic oil having 10W-30 SAE specifications would work just as well.

The whole blade assembly, wheel design and steel deck is made up in a way so that you can get a fluent and smooth mowing experience through and through.

In addition, the blades have a unique layout with miniature holes right in the rear of the jagged edges which help decrease clumping of all the cut grass.

  • Cutting Quality

LawnBoy 17734 Lawn Mower

Quality of cut is one of the greatest advantages of this 21 inches Lawn Boy series of lawn mowers.

The height adjustments would be instantaneous, because of the exceptional Height-of-cut system and when it is done, it will maintain the identical over the whole terrain irrespective of its ups and downs all over or all the obstacles on its way.

Mulching is possibly this Lawn Boy model’s biggest benefit and in case you want to discharge to the side, you need to register the unit you have with Lawn Boy when you buy and order the side discharging unit individually.

It is easy to attach with the unit too, so you do not have to worry.

  • Height Adjustment

To adjust the cutting height on this 17734 model is simple and it will allow you to cut between 3.75 and 1.25 inches.

It should be sufficient for most of the lawns except if you want to mow one time every couple months. So, in that case this Lawn Boy 17734 mower will need two passes set at the various heights at least.

  • Motor Power

An engine of Kohler 144cc OHV which has a two years total warranty and three on the starting up should be able to remove every doubt that you might have with consideration to longevity.

Fortunately, the engine isn’t as noise inducing as it is strong; plus with its 21 inch long cutting deck, short of propulsion, this complete torque series has been transferred to the blades, making sure you get an efficient and powerful cut.

  • Maintenance

In order to maintain this machine, you should take help from proper weatherization and usual oil changes.

Moreover, we recommend purchasing this Lawn Boy 17734 model cover individually to keep your mower secured from the surroundings.

The Lawn Boy cover for a 21 inches mower series is in fact designed to guard the complete unit with its rear bag connected and it could even let you store the mower unit exposed in the open without any trouble.

  • Cost Effectiveness

The Lawn-Boy 17734 model is the CARB compliant version of the Lawn Boy 10730 and as a result, it costs a few dollars extra for all the stuff it packs.

If the state you live in outlaws things without a CARB compliance system and you require a powerful and durable mower model, then this is what you should go for.

The unit is quite inexpensive, rather we should say it is similarly priced with the competing models from famous brands and it makes of a similar kind of power outputs and the size of cutting deck while proving to be reliable and convenient to utilize.

What’s the bottom line?

The users rate it to as best one.

So would this best lawn mower 2017 earn our recommendation as well?

Completely; and other brands of mowers fail to offer a guarantee or defense on engine performance and longevity.

The Lawn Boy mower goes a few steps further by assuring you one-pull starting. Reasonably priced CARB accommodating mower with a 3 year long Start-up Warranty.

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